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Fathers Day Selection box

Fathers Day Selection box

Our Father’s day selection box is guaranteed to delight any man who can hold a glass and wants a taste experience of ales, ciders and craft lagers.  Real Ales sourced from the smaller independent breweries around the country, given the widest taste of golden ales, bitters, mild’s and porters. Apple juice has never been so exciting as when the cider makers has worked his craft on it, to produce the finest range of local and English ciders, all different but still fermented apple juice. And from our European brothers, we have Trappist ales, some Dubbles and Triples as well as Blondes and Saison beers. Smaller bottles but bursting out with taste.

So if you want to glimpse into tasteful the world of beer, there no better place to start that with the Father’s day selection box – I know I’d want one

Note Some Bottles may be Bottled Conditioned and therefore contain a small amount of yeast, in order to truly create a draught ale taste. All selections subject to availability

For Postal service please choose the Deluxe Version and allow 4-5 working days for delivery to mainland UK

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